Stray Cats I’ve Helped

Between 1990-2005 I helped to rescue, foster and adopt out many stray cats over the years. My ex-wife Suzanne helped too. Stray cats liked our backyard. I’ve been pretty good about taking pictures of each of them for fun. Here they are.

On a serious note, I offer names, addresses and web sites of some of the good people helping to save our animal friends from the cruel elements. Please patronize them.
“Friendly” Kitty A neighborhood cat from E 15th ST. Photo: July 11, 2002
“Ruby” Girl Kitty She went to the Humane Society Photo: August 31, 1993
Betty Poof Kitty As found under the carport. She’s a Flame-Point Himalayan Kitty. She’s pregnant by Chester the neighborhood tom cat. Photo: March 17, 1995
Betty Poof Kitty Betty with her two girl kittens by Chester. She’s in her foster home. Photo: ca. June 1995
Big Daddy Kitty Probable father of Goldie’s six kittens Photo: February 10, 2003
Billy Kitty At a Pet Haven Adoption Day He got adopted January 15, 1995 Photo: January 7, 1995
Bob Cat aka Moo Kitty He always had a lot to say. He got adopted by a vet tech. Photo: March 8, 1999
Carl Kitty aka Carlos Kitty In the backyard. One CUTE kitten. Photo: August 9, 2000
Chester” the molester” Kitty Father of Betty Poof Kitty’s two girls. He’s on top of the 1954 NASH Metropolitan Photo: ca. October 1995
Cousin Kitty (aka Scruffy) He went to an Animal Relief Fund foster home. Photo: May 5, 1994
Dave and Steve Kitty Backyard Photo: October 8, 1995
Diamond Kitty Rescued from next door. She’s already had two litters! Photo: September 8, 2001
Frankie Kitty At the vet. He had a paralyzed rear-end. He had to be put down. Very sad. He was a swell cat. Photo: October 23, 2004
Goldie Kitty aka Scarlett She’s pregnant with six kittens. She went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: January 28, 2003
Inky Kitty He loved to leap and to chase string. He went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: ca. September 21, 2005
Jimmy Kitty In the backyard. Photo: ca June 12, 2000
Kitty-X aka Ghost Kitty Came to the backyard to die. Photo: September 5, 1995
Leaping Matt Cat aka Matt Vader Kitty Backyard Photo: February 18, 1996
Leo Kitty In the backyard. He went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: November 9, 2001
Mama Kitty aka Ruth aka Ebony Rose And her boys: Hairy Larry, Curley Grey and Naughty Bob They went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: June 26, 2003
Matt the Cat In the parlor before going to his new home on 1st Avenue South. Photo: April 9, 1996
Miles Kitty aka Marble Kitty Backyard deck Photo: July 11, 1995
Miss Kitty She was living in the church on E 15th ST. We caught her and took her in. Unfortunately, she was FIV positive. Photo: May 31, 2002
Moe Kitty What a talking kitty. He went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: December 8, 2001
Perry Kitty AFTER At the Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital Photo: October 15, 1994
Perry Kitty BEFORE He has a paralyzed front leg. He’s with Dr. Fleming before it’s amputated. Photo: October 4, 1994
Rocky Kitty AFTER (8 weeks) Attic Intensive Care Unit What BIG eyes he has. Photo: December 11, 2004 (Rocky stayed)
Rocky Kitty ALL HEALED UP Minneapolis, Minnesota Is he cute or what? Photo: April 1, 2005 (Rocky stayed)
Rocky Kitty BEFORE (1 week) Attic Intensive Care Unit He came in from the cold & rain October 15, 2004 in the nick of time. Photo: October 22, 2004 (Rocky stayed)
Silver Kitty aka Sweetie Kitty She went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: ca June 13, 2003
Skeezer Kitty aka Moe aka Molly In the backyard. Photo: August 18, 2000
Skeezer Kitty with his Uncle Forrest Forrest helped foster him for a while. Photo: January 15, 2001
Slinky Kitty In the basement. She went to the Animal ARK in Hastings. Photo: April 5, 1996
Spike Kitty He has no fangs. He got adopted. Photo: January 30, 1995
Spike Kitty On 2710 north boardwalk. Photo: ca September 1994
Spot and Zane Kitty Zane is a neighborhood tomcat. Photo: April 14, 2001
Stray black & white girl kitty She went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: January 28, 2003
The cat carrier box that Moe Kitty broke out of in the car, on the way to Last Hope in Farmington. 2710 front porch Minneapolis, Minnesota Photo: ca. March 16, 2002