Ellis & Levering

There are those (1) who believe that Harvey Ellis and Albert Levering were the same person. I do not believe that they were the same person and I think that Edgar E. Joralemon should get credit for more building designs than he does while he worked for LS Buffington or the Orff Brothers.

I agree with Paul Clifford Larson:
Several Buffington projects traditionally attributed to Harvey Ellis were done while Ellis was elsewhere and Joralemon was in the office.

The most important of these, the F. C. Pillsbury House, the L. S. Tainter House, and the Tainter Memorial Building in Menomonie (Wis), possess several earmarks of Joralemon’s work, particularly in their idiosyncratic fusion of Byzantine and French Renaissance detailing. In addition, drawings of the first two in Joralemon’s hand survive in the Northwest Architectural Archives in St. Paul (MN).

Paul Clifford Larson, 1988 From Dr. HE Holmes House, 1887 NRHP nomination sec 8 p 3


(1) The long shadow of Harvey Ellis by Roger G. Kennedy 1966 Minnesota Historical Society