Little Pics

1b Foshay little pic view 1 The Foshay Tower the Northwest’s outstanding BLDG. Towers above all Minneapolis 2.75″x1.75″
A section of the beautiful arcade Entrance to the Foshay Tower 2.75″x1.75″
An unusual view of the world famous Foshay Tower from Nicollet Avenue 1.75″x2.75″
Gleaming white the Foshay Tower – A Washington Memorial – is admired by all who see it 2.75″x1.75″
Lamp and window in one of the arcade stairways 1.75″x2.75″
Souvenir Of The FOSHAY TOWER Compliments of MINNEAPOLIS TOWER COMPANY Foshay Tower • Minneapolis 2.25″x3.5″
The beautiful elevator doors In the Foshay Tower 2.75″x1.75″
The Foshay Tower stairway to the second Floor is truly the work of an artist 2.75″x1.75″
The Scherzo in the Foshay Tower Fountain Court 1.75″x2.75″
There are three Hiram Powers Busts of Washington in the Foshay Tower Arcade 1.75″x2.75″
Tourists from all over the world visit the Foshay Tower Observation Balcony 1.75″x2.75″