1954 Nash Metropolitan

My first NASH was my 1954 Metropolitan (NKI Custom) in 1983. I’d admired NASH automobiles when I watched Superman as a kid. Lois and Jimmy drove a 1950 RAMBLER convertible and Clark had a NASH-HEALY. When I found my Metropolitan in 1983, snow drifted next to a Minnetonka house, I mistook it for a “Superman car.” My 1952 NASH Ambassador came to me via a friend who said it was for me. I drove it home with a bad clutch, cracked head and a cracked frame. The 1951 RAMBLER Deliveryman came to me in late 1989. My mechanic wanted me to rescue it from becoming a street rod. I bought it from a guy who called himself Perry Dawg. Naturally, I’ve collected many photographs and sales brochures over the years. Here are many of them.

1912 1 10 RAMBLER METROPOLITAN THE HORSELESS AGE January 10, 1912 p 67
1954-55 ca. NASH Metropolitan B & W card